Illustrations for Pora na Telesfora

During my cooperation with Warner Music Poland, I created a series of twelve illustrations for “Pora na Telesfora”, a music radio play from 1977, basen on a television program for children. The main characters are two dragons: Telesfor and Teodor.
First, I offered the client moodboards with three different directions in which we could go. Then I made sketches for all the pieces. I finished the illustrations in Adobe Photoshop.
I wanted to achieve a joyful, child-friendly atmosphere, so I used warm colors, textures, noises and patterns.
In order to pay tribute to the fairy tale, I drew its main characters, as well as a TV set from the 70s (model Saturn 201) and traditional plates from Bolesławiec.
Each of the illustrations is inspired by the text of the songs, for example “Kucharz” (Cook) shows the dragon Telesfor in a chef’s outfit, and in the background the elements mentioned in the piece: a piece of cake, candy, lollipop, hen, donut and meringue. In the illustration for “Jarzębina” (Rowan tree) I drew a branch of the title tree surrounded by autumn leaves, and “Cztery słonie” (Four Elephants) depicts the eponymous elephants with bows on their tails while wandering through the mountains.

Color palette



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