ING report “Osiem mitów o gospodarce obiegu zamkniętego”


I designed a report for ING about the circular economy based on the brand manual.
I was inspired by kaleidoscopes and symmetry. The repeatability of the elements illustrates the idea of zero-waste movement and re-use of the same items, as well as the multitude of products produced as a result of a consumer lifestyle.
The layout of each illustration corresponds to the content of a given chapter, for example, the second part of the report deals with the topic of fossil fuels, which is why I showed the dark and dirty side of mining, and in the last chapter, talking about the global economy, I put together leaves from different parts of the world in the shape of the globe.
For the purposes of the report, I have created charts, infographics and icons.
The project was made in the Logotomia graphic studio.

See full report here:

Icons and infographics created in Adobe Illustrator

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