Jeżyki landing page

While working at Walk Creative, I redesigned the website of Jeżyki, one of the most recognizable and consumer-liked brands of sweets, owned by Colian. The brand changed its visual identity and product packaging was redesigned, so the website also needed to be refreshed.

I modernized the aesthetics by abandoning the previously used gradients and flares. I made the colors and typography more consistent. Rounded buttons, the shape of a wave, the motif of spots and dots emphasize the sweetness of the products.

I have developed a design system that includes text styles, color styles, grid styles and components. I designed the website in both desktop and mobile versions, I created interactive prototypes with animations and micro-interactions.

With the website conversion in mind, I placed a “Buy” button in the menu and product sections, redirecting to the company’s online store. In order to promote the brand’s social media channels, I placed their icons in the floating action button and footer and made a separate section dedicated to them.

I also designed a new navigation menu and footer. The new website is now more user-friendly, clean and modern.





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