Visual identity of Najgorsze Filmy Świata in Cinema Muranów

My Master’s diploma subject was “Visual identity of Najgorsze filmy świata”. I have graduated with honors. Posters were in final of 26th Biennial of Polish Poster in Katowice.

“Najgorsze filmy świata” (The Worst Films in the World) is a cycle of Z-class cinema screenings organized for years by Dr. Jacek Rokosz, currently taking place every month at the Muranów Cinema in Warsaw. The event did not have visual identity.

As part of research I read “Stracone dusze” (The Lost Souls) by Dr. Jacek Rokosz, I participated in shows, watched films and talked with the organizer of the event and the audience.

I was inspired by vernacular typography, error aesthetics, collages, punk aesthetics and the color scheme of warning signs.

I have created a font with two width style and two weight styles, five posters, zine, promotional spot and music. Moreover, I took photos during the shows and interviewed the organizer.


Cinema Muranów


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Logic Pro X, screen printing

Inspired by the punk aesthetics, I gave up the uniform layout, yet the posters are consistent thanks to the color scheme, typography and the use of fixed graphic elements such as raster, black and white photos and torn paper.

Posters and zines have been screen-printed because I wanted each copy to be different. The imperfections that were created during the screenprinting process reflect the atmosphere of the Z-class cinema.

People often come to the shows to laugh, which is why humorous elements were used in identification. In the spot and on the posters, I used the one-star motif because these films are poorly rated by critics and viewers.

In the promotional spot, I used fragments of films shown during event and Filmweb users’ reviews.

What makes this project unique is screen printing technique, original font, aesthetics of error and randomness — there is no single fixed version of the logo, each print is different, and the zine cover is stapled each time at a different angle.

I used Adobe programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and After Effects. I have created music in the Logic Pro X program.

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