Wallpainting in Katowice

Together with a group of friends from the DAJSE artistic collective, we painted a mural on the facade of the historic building of the management of Huta Uthemann in Katowice.

Zinc and Non-Metal Smelter “Uthemann” in Szopienice was one of the largest producers of rolled products made of copper and brass in Poland. From the entire complex of buildings, only the management building and the water tower have survived to this day. The building is privately owned and is under renovation.

The mural was created in four days. I was responsible for the design of the left window. In the project, I referred to the history of the steelworks, which is why I placed factory elements (chain with a hook, pipes, scaffolding, gears, trolleys on the tracks) and employees (engineers, chemists and steelworkers) on it.

Research is always the most important element of the project for me. In order to learn the history of this place, I read a lot of articles and watched documentaries and archival photos.


Katowice City Hall


Wallpainting, Adobe Photoshop

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